Tuesday, May 12, 2009

names on the ground

Why is it that when people (mostly girls) are with their friends, they talk about their other friends alot? It's, like, name dropping, except your not using celebrities. I find this strange. It's competitive, naming all of your friends, seeing who has the most. Not everything in life is a competition. Don't you realize that?
Weirder, still, even though I'm tired of listening to this name dropper crap, I find myself actually doing it when I'm with my friends. It's almost a big race to see who's life is better, and, without knowing it, I've started running to catch up with the other competitors. It's worse with friends you don't see every day. You hang out, get to talking, and suddenly, they mention their friends at school or something, and describe the clique that their in, and all the clique members. Then you launch off into this monologue about all your school friends, and the cliques, and so on.
What I've realized is that when you drop names, they just end up on the ground, you are discarding people when you name-drop, dismissing them as another collectible friend. And it's nothing but crap.
Consider yourself warned,


  1. am i supposed to be offened or something not that i want to or nothing

  2. i did not intend to offend anyone...