Monday, September 21, 2009


i'm closing this done because no one reads it. i'm starting a new blog. spreadin' the word early. check out my profile to know what it is

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

lucky charms

In school ,in these United States of America, all anyone can talk about is how "lucky" we are. How much we "have". How we're "ungrateful" and "take everything for granted". This really bothers me, because these teachers have all the same privileges, and the same rights, and probably take the same stuff for granted!!
Plus, they're only talking about "privileged" in the materialistic sense. You could have the most messed-up family and the most messed-up life and the most messed-up friends, but as long as we have a house and material things, we're considered really lucky on the outside. (sidebar-just now, a family member of mine came in, read this, and went on, and on, about how we ARE lucky, thus completely violating blogging code).
Just recently, I struggled with something major and very very very bad, and i really wasn't feeling so lucky. No one really does, sometimes. But we have to keep in stride, keep our chins up, and remember just how "lucky we are"? Hello!!! Not fair!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i.ds, please?

Identification annoys me. It annoys me because who really knows who they are anymore? I mean, in a way that would fit on a page. Confused? That's just it! Everybody gets confused about themselves and what "category" they fit in, or "clique", or "group" or whatever.
Now, let's talk about maturity. Virtual show of hands, who here has met someone (or who IS someone) who thinks maturity is drinking coffee like a manic (UG!), watching R-rated movies (DOUBLE UG!), and slathering on tons of makeup (TRIPLE UG!)? Does anyone besides me think that's irritating?! That's not maturity!! That's just a list if THINGS!!!
Maturity to me is being able to move on, not getting stuck on one bad thing, not holding grudges over the little things. It's being trusted with something and with staining that trust. What's it to you? PLEASE COMMENT!!!
My stand, my life, my messed-up head,