Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i.ds, please?

Identification annoys me. It annoys me because who really knows who they are anymore? I mean, in a way that would fit on a page. Confused? That's just it! Everybody gets confused about themselves and what "category" they fit in, or "clique", or "group" or whatever.
Now, let's talk about maturity. Virtual show of hands, who here has met someone (or who IS someone) who thinks maturity is drinking coffee like a manic (UG!), watching R-rated movies (DOUBLE UG!), and slathering on tons of makeup (TRIPLE UG!)? Does anyone besides me think that's irritating?! That's not maturity!! That's just a list if THINGS!!!
Maturity to me is being able to move on, not getting stuck on one bad thing, not holding grudges over the little things. It's being trusted with something and with staining that trust. What's it to you? PLEASE COMMENT!!!
My stand, my life, my messed-up head,

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  1. i agree, so many people think that by showing some flesh and wacking on the make up they can instantly be someone theyre not. or older than they are. it well and truly gets on my nerves.